How to send money on Cash App


When it comes to making seamless transactions, people always prefer going with Cash App, as there are a lot of benefits of using Cash App. For instance, you don’t need to worry about transaction-loss if you receive or send money via Cash App, as all the money is safe even if something goes wrong. Apart from this, Cash App concerns about the security the most, so if there are any unethical or irregular attempts within the app, the Cash App will automatically cancel the payment. Also, you get a Cash Card with Cash App on request for free, which you can use to withdraw the amount from any ATM or can use it at any place that accepts Visa Cards.

So as of now, you’re aware of the few benefits of Cash App; let us now know about how to send money on Cash App?

The process of sending or receiving money through the Cash App is simple and fast. Let us know:

How to send money on Cash App?

  • Open Cash App on your Android or iOS mobile.
  • Now on the bottom of the screen, tap on the $ icon.
  • Then you need to enter the amount you want to send.
  • At the bottom right corner, you will see Pay Button; tap on it.
  • And next, you need to enter the recipient’s details, such as Email, Phone Number, or the $CashTag.
  • You may optionally add a memo or note to the transaction too.
  • And at last, tap on the Pay button, the money will be sent.

You will soon receive the notification or update regarding the transactions. If by any case, the transaction fails, you should check a few things:

1: See if you’re connected to a good Internet connection. As if the connection is bad or low, the payment may fail to avoid any duplicate transaction.

2: See if the details of the receipt are accurate. A slight mistake can send the money to a different person, or the payment may not get successful. So always double-check the details.

3: You need to confirm if your account has enough money to send. For instance, if you’re sending an amount more than the available balance, the payment process will not be successful.

If you’re using Cash App to send money and you see any transaction failure notices, you should follow the troubleshooting steps, as mentioned above. Usually, the failure is temporary, but if it is not getting sorted out even after multiple attempts, you should immediately connect with the Cash App customer support through Email, Live-Chat, or Toll-Free Number.


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