Lost My Cash App Card What To Do Now?

what it I lost my cash app card

Cash App is offering a peer to peer money transfer platform to make it easier to transfer funds, make payments, receive paychecks, pay bills and buy/sell bitcoins. Everyday we work to make it a better and secured payment app. Cash App also acts as a small bank for you with a visa debit card called Cash Card. With a Cash Card, you can make payments online, shop freely in retail stores, and can withdraw cash from any ATM. Like any other bank, you should have funds in your Cash App account to avail these features in your Cash Card. When you create your account with Cash App, we provide a complimentary Cash Card.

But like anything, it could be possible that we misplace or lose the Cash Card. And it can be pretty bad if that Cash Card goes in wrong hands. So with the right information we can protect ourselves from such scenarios. With this article we will help you to find the answer for the question which any normal user could have “What if i lost my Cash App Cash Card ” in case they lose their Cash Card.

What if I lost my Cash App Card?

When the Cash Card is lost, you need to report it immediately to avoid any fraud transactions or any suspicious activity. 

  • If you do not report, then anyone who has your card can easily use it for their transactions and you will be billed for that.
  • Even if you go with a new virtual card and if the last card is stolen, the person can transfer money with the debit card, as the account linked is the same in both the cases.
  • So overall, all you will have is a money-loss, which should be sorted out by reporting the stolen or lost Cash App Card.

And if you’re searching for “I Lost my Cash App card, what to do now?” then just follow the steps below for the solution.

The only solution that exists is reporting your lost card and replacing it with one. Follow the instructions below to do so:

  1. Open the Cash App on your mobile phone.
  2. On the very first screen, click on the Cash Card Tab.
  3. Now click on the image of your Cash App Card.
  4. Choose the problem related to the card.
  5. Select Stolen/Lost Card
  6. Follow the steps & provide the necessary details.
  7. Input the Cash App password.
  8. Report the Card.

And in case, you’re not able to report your Cash App card, you should immediately get in touch with the Cash App Customer Service Number Team. We will assist you in the best possible way to give you the solutions. 

We offer several modes and methods by which you can connect with us, such as Email, Toll-Free Number, and Live Chat Support. But be sure that whenever your card is lost or stolen, you should immediately take the required actions.



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