What To Do If I Forgot My Cash App pin?


We all have a lot of pins and passwords to remember. Sometimes we forgot most of them. And if you’ve forgotten your Cash App pin and want to change it or want to reset your Cash App pin in case you believe that you have shared your pin with someone, then this article is for you.

People who use Cash App know that they need to put a pin that acts as a security layer to make payment. But somehow we many times forget that and start searching like what do I do if I forgot my Cash App pin?

Here in this article, we have tried to make it easier for you to understand this process and reset your pin without any hurdle.

Here is the process For “I forgot my Cash App pin” issue

  1. First, open Cash App on your mobile.
  2. Now tap on the profile icon that you could see on the home screen.
  3. Now click on Privacy & Security Settings.
  4. Look for the Change Cash PIN button, and tap on it.
  5. Now enter your new PIN and hit save.

Once you do that, you can easily change the pin of your Cash App account. And if you follow all the steps properly, you don’t need to look for solutions of ‘I forgot my Cash App pin number’ anywhere else.

Many people are confused that Cash App PIN and Cash Card PIN are two different things. But no, both the PINs are the same. That means the Cash Card & Cash App PIN are the same. 

If you’ve forgotten the Cash App pin, you are highly advised not to put the wrong pins multiple times. If you do so, your account may be temporarily blocked, and you can only get it restored after the verification of our Cash App support team.

But why does Cash App temporarily block access? As we know that the Cash App provides the safest environment for transactions. And the Cash App PIN acts as a security layer so that the transactions could only be successful if the authentic person is doing. And if you make multiple failed attempts, it will give a signal to Cash App security algorithms that there is some suspicious activity is happening with your account. So to prevent you from any damage, Cash App security server will block access.

And this is why you should always change the pin instead of making failed attempts. Hope this article helps you to find the solution to “I forgot my Cash App card pin.”

If you are not able to change the pin or if you don’t have access to Cash App, you should immediately connect with the Cash App customer support team and let them know the issue which you are facing right now. Our support will help you to resolve your issues.



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