What to do if my cash app card is stolen?

my cash app card is stolen

With Cash App Card, you can easily make transactions and withdraw cash from any ATMs available. There are a lot of other benefits of using Cash Card, such as you can use it at Petrol Station, Shops, and at many more places. The cash card is as equal as the standard debit card, but with more features, for instance, you also get a Virtual Debit Card that will also work as a physical card but only for Online Transactions.

Whereas Physical Cash Card has its own features, but as it comes in a physical model, we may have a situation where our card gets stolen or lost. And if something like this happens, you should take some immediate action. 

It is seen that many people don’t report their stolen card, and due to this, they see more transactions in their accounts, since the cash card is not disabled, so it will work the same way it was working before.

So whenever your card gets stolen, you should immediately report it to us. And for reporting, you have several options like Cash App, Live Chat, Email, Phone Call, etc.

How to report a stolen cash card from Cash App?

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to report the stolen cash card to avoid any financial losses.

1. Open your Cash App on your mobile.

2. On the home screen, at the footer, tap on the Cash Card button.

3. Now you need to choose the cash card that was stolen.

4. After that, choose the problem with the card, i.e., Stolen.

5. Now give the details, and proceed with steps.

6. At last, provide the Cash Pin, and submit.

Once done, you will soon receive the information regarding the status of your stolen Cash Card.

Though the process with Cash App is pretty simple and straightforward, if, by any means, you’re not able to report your Cash Card, you may get in touch with our Cash App Customer Support Team. For instance, if you’ve also lost your phone or don’t have access to your phone, you can contact our support team; we will ask few security questions and then will assist you in blocking the card so that no more transactions could be done from it.


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